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QDMA Announces New Five-Year Goals

The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) recently announced its goals for the next five years, with specific targets in five key areas – deer management, habitat conservation, hunting access, hunter recruitment, and education – that […]

QDMA Asks: Which Doe Should You Take
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QDMA Asks: Which Doe Should You Take?

The QDMA promotes harvesting an adequate number of does to keep deer populations in balance with available resources like forage and cover. This leads to a discussion of how many does to shoot, since “adequate” […]

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Deer Hunting

Deer With Warts, Are They Safe?

Each year, hunters across the whitetail’s range encounter deer with “warts,” like the buck in the photo above, sent to us by QDMA member Evan Heusinkveld. The growths on these deer are cutaneous fibromas and […]

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The Pope & Young Club Convention offers incredible auctions and raffles to fund bowhunting conservation and outreach!

An amazing auction packed with over $300,000 of top shelf hunts, a ticketed raffle with over $37,000 worth of hunts and bowhunting gear… plus special event raffles held throughout the convention. That is what you […]