• Live Bait vs. Soft Baits on Ice
    Ice Fishing

    Live Bait vs. Soft Baits on Ice

    I got thumped once in an ice fishing tournament by a guy who was tipping his ice jigs with a sliver of soft plastic he shaved from a used Berkley® PowerBait® Power Worm®.​​ It was the [...]
  • Boat Buying And What to Think About
    Top Fishing Headlines

    Boat Buying And What to Think About

    It may seem like the same situation, but buying a boat is not like buying a car. It isn’t a need, but a want (although it’s debatable for some), and it’s an experience you should [...]
  • Ice Fishing

    For your Next Ice Bite! Attention to Detail!

    It the “Ice Bite”! It must be our competitive nature.  Something about a line showing up on a Lowrance screen, then disappearing, triggers us to focus on presentation details like no other time of the [...]
  • Striped bass
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    Young-of-year rockfish surveys have mixed news

    Striped bass, whose population has been in decline for a decade and a half, suffered from another poor year of reproduction in Maryland, though the news was better in Virginia. Maryland’s annual young-of-year index was [...]
  • Introducing the Vexus® DVX19
    Top Fishing Headlines

    Introducing the Vexus® DVX19

    At 19’ in length and boasting a 101” beam, this boat is packed with features that will appeal to fishermen and family members alike. The deep-V hull design cuts through those big waves and allows [...]

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