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    California Anglers Interested in More Habitat for Fishing

    Almost 95,000 California anglers fish on the Sacramento River system, spending about $142.9 million a year on fishing-related expenses. Yet, there are some areas where dams block fish from migrating, reducing quality fishing opportunities. NOAA [...]
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    Get Started Fishing – Tips From Missouri DC

    Even before you set out to fish, decide whether you’re fishing for fun or fishing for food. This will help you choose gear and get ready to practice good catch-and-release techniques if you’re just fishing [...]
  • Top Storys From ODU from the past month
    Top Fishing Headlines

    Top Story’s From ODU, From The Past Month

    Top Story’s From ODU from the past month – Catfish, Bass on Insects, Musky, Naming Your Boat and Jigs for Walleye Tips for catching catfish at community ponds – https://www.odumagazine.com/tips-for-catching-catfish-at-community-ponds-2/ The Perfect Pairing- Creeks and [...]
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    Spydro Video of the Week

    Spydro is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures short videos of fish biting your lures and syncs them with your mobile device. Simultaneously, Spydro logs the location and accompanying sensor data with each video [...]

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  • Mountain Lions in Pike County, Georgia?

    Mountain lions in Pike County, Georgia? I received a call from a Pike County resident a few years ago and he said he had seen a mountain lion on his property. Several people have told [...]
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ODU Magazine #6: Top 10 Fishing Magazines & Ezines For 2018