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    Florida Clams a Possible Deterrent to Red Tide?

    Algal blooms, including red tides, are natural occurrences. They are part of the complex life cycles and ecological balance of our marine ecosystem. However, excess nutrient pollutants, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from human activity [...]
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    Finding Fish Under the Ice – Vexilar

    When anglers are interested in catching more fish from under the ice, the use of a Vexilar three-color flasher is considered “essential” by many to your success. Catching fish once you have pinpointed them is [...]
  • WhoTaughtYou to hunt
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    #WhoTaughtYou to hunt?

    With much of the Panhandle still coping with the devastation from Hurricane Michael – a recovery that may take months – we continue to be proud of the spirit, perseverance and fortitude of those who [...]
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    Target Wing Dams for Fall River Smallies

    When river smallies put on the fall feedbag, they’re about as predictable as they’ll ever be. So while water temps remain in the mid 40s this autumn, target sweet spots on wing dams with Storm® [...]
  • How and why deer are aged at DNR check stations
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    How and why deer are aged at DNR check stations

    Whether for fun or to better judge preferable animals to target, many hunters have an interest in the ability to age white-tailed deer, whether on the hoof or in hand. Attempting to determine the age [...]

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ODU Magazine #6: Top 10 Fishing Magazines & Ezines For 2018