• Camping 101 for the Whole Family
    Camping & Hiking

    Camping 101 for the Whole Family

    Camping, without a doubt, is a fun activity for the whole family. However, many almost overlook this when thinking of a weekend trip or bonding with their loved ones. Kids and adults nowadays are always [...]
    Boat News


    The TRACKER® BASS TRACKER® Classic XL Is a value-packed, premium-quality, all-welded aluminum boat that hearkens back to the good ‘ol days of the first TRACKER boats. It’s rigged and ready to help you and your [...]
  • Live Bait vs. Soft Baits on Ice
    Ice Fishing

    Live Bait vs. Soft Baits on Ice

    I got thumped once in an ice fishing tournament by a guy who was tipping his ice jigs with a sliver of soft plastic he shaved from a used Berkley® PowerBait® Power Worm®.​​ It was the [...]
  • Boat Buying And What to Think About
    Top Fishing Headlines

    Boat Buying And What to Think About

    It may seem like the same situation, but buying a boat is not like buying a car. It isn’t a need, but a want (although it’s debatable for some), and it’s an experience you should [...]
  • Ice Fishing

    For your Next Ice Bite! Attention to Detail!

    It the “Ice Bite”! It must be our competitive nature.  Something about a line showing up on a Lowrance screen, then disappearing, triggers us to focus on presentation details like no other time of the [...]
  • Striped bass
    Top Fishing Headlines

    Young-of-year rockfish surveys have mixed news

    Striped bass, whose population has been in decline for a decade and a half, suffered from another poor year of reproduction in Maryland, though the news was better in Virginia. Maryland’s annual young-of-year index was [...]

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  • Larry Whiteley's February Outdoor Tips

    Larry Whiteley’s February Outdoor Tips

    NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH February is Native American Heritage Month across America and a time to celebrate their rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and history. Native Americans were the first conservationist. They didn’t waste any [...]

Fishing Ramblings from Ronnie Garrison

  • Puget Sound Blackmouth

    Puget Sound Blackmouth

    So how do you find Puget Sound winter blackmouth? The answer is don’t look for the blackmouth but rather look for what attracts blackmouth. Blackmouth are a delayed released hatchery king salmon that don’t migrate [...]

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ODU Magazine #6: Top 10 Fishing Magazines & Ezines For 2018