Fall Dock Fishing

bassThe in-between time of year generally falls in the fall when the water is still warm and the bass are acting like its mid-summer. Bass become real finicky in this time of the year as one day they bite well the next day you struggle even though many times you go back to the spot you caught them at the day before. When this occurs main lake docks become great targets for fall fish. They have cover from the bright sun; docks become great transition areas and finicky fish attract to areas of wood where cover from sunlight and bait seems to hang during this time period.

The dock bite in the fall is quite different than you would expect. You’re targeting docks with reasonable depth but many times the shallowest area of the dock is where the bass are hanging out. So cut every angle with your bait and don’t be afraid to get to the shallowest water on the edges of the dock. Repetition around docks is key don’t be afraid to make several casts at the same spot or corner or edge of the wood. Many times bass have to be enticed into striking there not really feeding and repetition of casts seem to be a way to get them to strike. Also be aware of the depth once you catch a fish around dock and get a read on the depth, you have a key to getting the next bite target that depth over and over from dock to dock as depth is a big part to getting the next bite.

It’s also true that many top water bites come by skipping baits under a dock and a frog is an excellent choice to do so. First of all frogs like the SPRO frog is weighted and makes excellent skipping baits especially the way the weight causes the frog to stay upright and slide easily over the top of the water. The weight is right at the bottom of the frog where the hook meets the entrance to the hollow body causing the bait to skip easily. Besides being a great presentation it is also a fun presentation; there is nothing more heart pumping that hearing an explosion feeling the tugging but not be able to see it because it’s under the structure. Your heart will pump rapidly and your nerves will suffer from the excitement.

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