• BRP Expands Outboards to New Power Range
    Top Fishing

    BRP Expands Outboards to New Power Range

    BRP announced recently the release of the next generation of Evinrude E-TEC G2 models with horsepower ranging from 150 to 200, the E-TEC G2 150, 150 H.O., 175 and 200. Building on the success of [...]
  • Catch & Release Catfish 1
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    Catch & Release Catfish

    Days afloat America’s preeminent channel catfish stream, Captain Brad Durick sees a little of everything. One client, a self-proclaimed ‘fishing expert,’ reels with the rod upside-down. Another customer continuously misses bites, jerking back against a [...]
  • NSSF Lauds Olympic Shooters in USA Today Ad
    Top Hunting

    NSSF Lauds Olympic Shooters in USA Today Ad

      The National Shooting Sports Foundation is celebrating the achievements of three USA Shooting Team women who won medals at the Summer Olympic Games in a full-page ad that appears in today’s edition of the [...]
  • Plan You Ice Fishing Vacation To Saskatchewan 1
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    Plan You Ice Fishing Vacation To Saskatchewan

    The province of Saskatchewan, with its thousands of lakes and rivers, is located directly within the center of North America’s premier ice fishing destinations.  With large fish, plentiful stocks and ice for nearly six months [...]
  • Decisions for Summer Time Fishing
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    Decisions for Summer Time Fishing

    As we progress into the summertime patterns, bass fishing becomes more complex and hence there are many more decisions you need to make to have successful trips during the heat of the summer. Most of [...]
  • Dove hunting isn’t complicated 1
    Top Hunting

    Dove hunting isn’t complicated

      Those who enjoy a hunting lifestyle are fortunate. Because hunting isn’t always easy – especially for the millions of Americans looking to get into the sport. Competition for hunting ground, a significant financial investment [...]

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