• Summer's Overlooked Bass Lure
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    Summer’s Overlooked Bass Lure

    Bass tournament fishermen are famous for having “secret” lures they don’t tell anyone about, but Brandon Palaniuk’s secret lure is one that’s in virtually every angler’s tacklebox. The Yamaha Pro’s lure is a jerkbait, but [...]
  • Windy Conditions For Bass Fishing 1
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    Windy Conditions For Bass Fishing

    This year has been one of different conditions all year long, the wind started to blow in January and here we are in the middle of July and we are still dealing with continuous winds [...]
  • Deep Drop Panfish
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    Deep Drop Panfish

      After a full summer of chasing ‘glamour fish’—the bass, walleyes, and trout of the world—a dude dubbed Mr. Bluegill is certainly ready to call an audible. Not that Captain Troy Peterson doesn’t constantly keep [...]
  • If It's Biting, Target It
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    If It’s Biting, Target It

    Make this fishing season the season you become a more versatile angler.  Versatile anglers generally catch more fish.  Versatile anglers are generally more willing to try new techniques and are also willing to chase different [...]
  • Are We Overvaluing Reef Sharks
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    Are We Overvaluing Reef Sharks?

    In the 1975 film Jaws, Bruce was a 7.6-meter-long model of a great white shark. He had a peerless reputation for power, an unquenchable thirst for blood. But Bruce was also made of rubber and [...]

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