Bassin' With Captain Mike Gerry

Big Fish Anyone

Warm days are not necessarily your best winter time fishing; I understand the winter can be harsh on the body but if you want the best big fish days on the water you probably need […]

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Hunting News

Tune Up Your Camping Tent Now

Start Thing Of Next Cold Season Now. For those enduring snows and freezing temps, camping is likely not on the current adventure, to-do list. For those in warmer climates, or campers not afraid to spend […]

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Deer Hunting

Coyote Trapping And Predator Removal

Deer season officially closed for the GrowingDeer Team yesterday. Although we’re a little bummed, we’re dealing with our grief by preparing for next season. It’s never too early to prepare for future seasons, and one […]

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Duck/Goose Hunting

Winter Duck Hunting Strategies

Deep winter offers duck hunters both challenge and opportunity. The late season cuts hunters little slack, but the last few weeks can also provide some of the best shooting of the year. Here is how […]

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Why Backyard Birds Are Getting Drunk

If birds that feed on winter berries in the Northern Hemisphere seem to be painting the town red, it could be because they’re intoxicated. Alcohol forms in berries as they ferment with the first frosts, […]

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Deer Hunting

Hunting Winter Whitetails

Want to tag a late-season buck? Make sure ample knowledge is packed in your bag of tricks. A lot of deer hunters hang up their gear and retire to the comforts of the fireplace and […]

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Fishing News - Fresh

Watch the Great Lakes Freeze Over

You can measure a winter in many ways: temperature records, snow cover, even travel delays. But to truly see how frigid this winter has been—at least for the eastern half of the U.S.—you need to […]

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Winter Blackfish Are Hot

Though weather can be a problem anywhere in the winter months, I had to come to the Savannah, Georgia area during that period to learn from the best charter captain on the eastern seaboard, Capt. […]

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Bass Fishing

Cold Water Bass Lures

Bass, as you probably know, are cold-blooded creatures, meaning their body temperature is the same as that of their surroundings. As the water temperature drops, so does their metabolic level. The digestive process is greatly […]