Surprise! Fisherman pulls bird (not fish) from ice

Surprise! Fisherman pulls bird (not fish) from iceReported By WCSH Portland Reported: At least ice fishermen are enjoying this cold weather. A group of friends were ice fishing in Pennsylvania when they made a surprise catch this week. Instead of finding a fish on the other end of the line, a man pulled a bird out of the ice.

Nicholas Colangelo filmed the clip of his friend, Fred Christensen, pulling in the bird and untangling it from the fishing line, according to KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.

“My jaw hit the floor when it came out of the ice hole,” Colangelo told KDKA-TV.

Red-breasted merganser ducks like the one Colangelo caught are common in Pennsylvania and stay under water while looking for food, reports KDKA-TV.

Not to worry, the bird is released in the video and flies away.

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