Rifles and Shotguns

Retrograde Series of Pump-Action Shotguns From Mossberg

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., a leading American firearms manufacturer, is announcing the introduction of the Retrograde Series of pump-action shotguns; the 500® Persuader® Retrograde and 590A1™ Retrograde. Designed to commemorate Mossberg’s 100th anniversary in […]

Reading Your Mapping
Bassin' With Captain Mike Gerry

Reading Your Mapping

While todays mapping has improved drastically; as everything from coloring to contours to self-recorded detail are available you still must understand what you’re seeing on your screens. That for many can be a challenge so […]

New Rinehart Targets Raven 3D Target
Small Game Hunting

New Rinehart Targets Raven 3D Target

Rinehart Targets®, the worldwide leader in quality archery targets, is proud to announce the addition of the new Raven to its Competition Series of 3D targets. For shooters looking to ‘aim small, miss small’, the […]

Big Game Hunting

Wildlife Habitat Management Wins in Court

A U.S. District Court judge ruled a habitat management project in west-central Montana designed to benefit wildlife will go forward as planned. The Johnny Crow Project will utilize prescribed burning and the removal of invasive […]

Top Three Crappie Baits
Panfish Fishing

Top Three Crappie Baits

For the past ten winters, I’ve enjoyed finessing winter bass with the Ned Rig. It was amazing at how effective Z-Man ElazTech baits like the ZinkerZ and Finesse TRD are for alluring cold-water bass. As […]

Dog Bowl Water Bottle
Camping & Hiking

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Running, fetching, and showering your human with love can be thirsty work. Designed just for dogs, this water bottle keeps your canine companion well hydrated on the go. With just a squeeze of the bottle, […]

Fishing News - Fresh

Just What the Angler Ordered

From bass anglers looking for a better ‘trap’ to fish on world-renowned waters El Salto and Lake Fork, to walleye anglers jigging trophies through the ice on Lake Winnipeg and Erie—and for just about every […]

Fishing The Midwest with Jensen & Frisch


The award-winning Fishing the Midwest television series will start airing again in early 2019 in homes throughout the Midwest, and this year, anglers across North America will have access to Fishing the Midwest.  Fishing the […]

Ice Fishing

Clam Panfish Leech Flutter Spoon

The Panfish Leech Flutter Spoon has that unique flutter that falls and tumbles back-and-forth just like it’s big brother the Leech Flutter Spoon. Now available in a mini 1/32 oz with a #14 feathered treble […]

A Fishing Xanadu
Fishing News - Fresh

A Fishing Xanadu

On December 1, 2018, The Point View Resort created a fishing Xanadu on Lake of the Ozarks by installing new artificial fish habitat structures where fish have already congregated. The complexes, comprised of dozens of […]

From The Desks of the ODU Writers

FLIR’s Next Generation Raymarine VHF Radios

FLIR is excited to announce the launch of its next-generation Raymarine VHF radios. The compact Ray53, full-sized Ray63 and the multifunction Ray73 with AIS are all full-function VHF marine radios with Class D Digital Selective Calling […]

Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation
Hunting News

Bipartisan Group Of Legislators Exchange For Sportsmen

Last week, nearly 50 bipartisan legislators from more than 25 states gathered in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire for the 15th Annual National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC) Sportsman-Legislator Summit. Hosted by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation […]

Clenzoil Introduces All-New Reel Care Kit
Fishing News - Fresh

Clenzoil Introduces All-New Reel Care Kit

Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries since 1948 is pleased to introduce their all-new Marine & Tackle Reel Care Kit. In their continuation […]

Dana Benner Outdoors

Dana’s Christmas List

I know I have been silent on the pages of ODU for most of the year. Other assignments have been keeping me busy.  You have to go where the jobs take you, even if it keeps […]

Fishing News - Salt

Turning the Tide on Trash

Meet Stanley the Striped Bass. This sculpture was made entirely from discarded plastic found along waterways and coastlines. DEC partnered with NOAA’s Marine Debris Program to raise awareness on the impacts of plastic pollution. The U.S. […]