Fishing Lodge Spotlight: Rideout’s

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 Fishing Lodge Showcase - Rideout's 2East Grand Lake and Rideout’s have been part of Jim’s Family for many, many years. His Grandparents built a camp on Old Bark Landing in Orient – about 8 miles north of Rideout’s. Jim’s Mom grew up boating and fishing on the lake starting in the late 1940′ and Jim started going to East Grand Lake in the early 1960’s. In the Family camp, there was an entry in the Guestbook that said “Jimmy’s 1st trip to Rideout’s today” – dated July, 1962! Since that time, there were many dinners and Family gatherings not only at East Grand Lake but at Rideout’s specifically. Many years later, Jim and Kim bought their own camp on Old Bark Landing – and began their own traditions on the lake with Jim’s son, Parker and later, Jim & Kim’s daughter, Emily Rose.
Fishing Lodge Showcase - Rideout's 1
Many years later the decision was made to buy Rideout’s with that transaction closing on May 2, 2012 (Jim’s Birthday). Since that time, it has been a sincere pleasure and honor to meet Rideout’s Guests from all over the world and to work hard every day to make our Guests’ stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We are also growing the business year by year – our enthusiasm and sincere dedication to Customer Service is helping that process in addition to marketing Rideout’s to larger audiences with the assistance of Social Media, newspaper and radio advertising.


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