A Little Gun Rap From Dan – Part 6

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I picked up a Ruger 10/22 Compact semi-auto 22LR rifle, sent through Ruger, today at B&B Hardware in Milan, which is my FFL dealer.

For people on your gift list that like compact and carbine rifles, this Ruger and the Henry Repeating Arms Evil Roy lever action 22 rifle would be great ideas.

The Ruger also comes with a lock and scope mount.

Include with both a Plano soft side compact case, and for the Ruger a set of extra magazines. I was able to get 3 OEM 10 round Ruger magazines for around $33 on Ebay.

I haven’t shot the 10/22 as yet, so can’t really make a lot of comments at this point, but if I were going to pick one of these rifles for myself, based on overall quality and appearance, it would be the Evil Roy. Absolutely no contest on that decision.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.

Today I shot one complete Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ video about making “junk yard” targets that can be recycled and used in the house for shooting airguns.

I shot with the Gamo Outdoor USA Swarm pellet rifle and P900 pellet pistol, and Umarex USA, Inc. NXG pump rifle (used for BBs, but will shoot pellets) and S&W MP40 BB pistol. This was a good cross section of guns to use to show how far the pellets and BBs go into the target. As a preview, the Swarm with its 1300 fps velocity, sent pellets the deepest – 24 layers of single, double and triple ply cardboard.

Tonight I took the target cube in the house and shot from the living room to the kitchen using both of the above mentioned Umarex guns. The NXG showed how nice it is to have a multi-pump type gun for this purpose. I used 2 pumps, which worked perfectly for BBs and pellets. The S&W MP40 is C02, but also worked very well, with one warning. As the CO2 starts to taper off, stop shooting. The BBs will start bouncing back, and in the house that is not good. I found one rolling around on top of the kitchen stove, and heard another hit the kitchen table leg. Hopefully I can get one of Umarex USA, Inc.‘s pump pistols. Would love to see how it works for this purpose. Pumps are great for testing various ammo and other ideas, plus being able to control the velocity for all situations, including in-house shooting, is great.

Part of two more SNP videos were also shot – one on the Ruger 10/22 Compact semi-auto rifle, and the other on CCI Copper Bullet ammo for which I had requests to shoot a grouping to see how the copper works.

Stay tune for the three videos to be uploaded soon.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.