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Big Catfish Tip from Cindy Stokes

Big Catfish Tips is a series of tips and techniques for catching more catfish. Today’s tip comes from Cindy Stokes. Her tip relates to how preparation before the trip can improve the final outcome.   […]

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Bass Fishing

Bothering Bass On The Beds

Snippet from a Ish Bassmaster Blog Posting: Whenever we talk about bed fishing for bass the ethics question always comes up. Should we do it? Is it the right thing to do? I’ll tell you […]

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Fishing News - Fresh

The Kids Aren’t Having As Much Fun

Throughout the Midwest and probably other parts of North America, there are some lakes that have special fishing regulations. Not many lakes, but a few. These special regulations greatly restrict the number of fish you […]

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Top Fishing Headlines

3 Spots For Late-Summer Bass

It doesn’t matter that much if you’re fishing a giant Southern reservoir or a natural Northern lake, it’s hot out there. Even though we’re experiencing a relatively cool summer, it still can be sweltering above […]

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Fishing News - Salt

Kayak, Canoe & Paddleboard Fishing Tips

There’s a lot of anglers that use self-propelled watercraft in my region, and just a wide-open option of places to launch and fish. The Mosquito Lagoon is so shallow and has some many ponds, canals […]

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Boat News

Hurricanes Preparation Tips For Boaters

In the weeks after Superstorm Sandy struck Staten Island’s Great Kills Harbor, orphaned boats littering city streets blocked traffic and interfered with access by emergency vehicles, and sailboat masts snagged in overhead wires delayed the […]

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Fishing Tips

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Here is the fall segment: This is the time frame for trophy pike fishing. In mid-August, numbers of trophy size large northern pike move from the cold very deep water in Sandybeach Lake to the […]