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Mepps Salmon – Steelhead Fishing

Every year in the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest a strange metamorphosis takes place. Anglers, once satisfied with a pailful of tasty panfish, become obsessed with “salmon fever.” The beauty of this fishing is that […]

Fishing Panfish With Mepps
Panfish Fishing

Fishing Panfish With Mepps

If you’re looking to get “back to the basics,” or if you’re in search of just plain fun, and enjoy eating fish, visit your favorite panfish lake soon. Concentrate on weed lines and bottom cover […]

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Mepps Discontinued Deals

Limited Quantities… Chances are you can still get that Mepps legacy lure you just can’t find anywhere else. All lures are brand new and in their original packaging, but quantities are very limited. In fact, […]