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Mepps The Fishing Line NEWSLETTERLabor Day officially marks the end of summer. There may still be some warm, “summer-like’ days to come, but things are changing. Shorter days. Cooler evenings. Time for hunting and football. But for savvy anglers, this is time for some real fishing. Fall is traditionally when some of the biggest fish of the year are caught as they gorge themselves in preparation for winter. And maybe best of all, the jet skis have been put away and the launch ramps are empty. Some days, the water is entirely yours.

Biologists studying trout physiology and behavior observe that trout do not necessarily feed as heavily or as often in the fall as they do in the spring and summer, but there are still plenty of opportunities and you’ll generally have the stream all to yourself. As long as summer-like temperatures hold, trout will feed best from dawn till mid-morning, and in the evening. Once the air temperature stays below 50 degrees during the day, the best fishing will be from noon untill late afternoon. Try the tail end of deeper pools with a Mepps® #1 Aglia Streamer or an Mepps® Ultra Lite Black Fury.

As water temps cool, bass go on a feeding spree. Early in the fall transition, you’ll find them on shallow flats relating to obvious cover like wood. Later in the year, as the shallows cool and plant growth starts to die off, you’ll find bass concentrated around the last green, healthy weeds on the deep edge. Either way, a vertical, precise presentation will pay off. Try a Texas-rigged Mister Twister® Flip’n OUT or SinSation or rig a Poc’it Craw as a trailer on your favorite 1/2 ounce jig.

As lakes begin to cool, muskies move to the remaining green weeds where large-profile bucktails are a perfect fit. Indiana and Colorado blades, especially double blades, provide lift to work efficiently over cover and the large profile big muskies are looking for. Both the Mepps® Double Blade Musky Marabou and H210 are perfect for fishing these conditions.

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