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Rogue Hotspots for Bass

No other lure type is more effective in cold water than the hard-plastic suspending jerkbait. This dependable minnow-looking stickbait has bass-fishing fans across the country, but you need to know how, where and when to […]

Summer's Overlooked Bass Lure
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Summer’s Overlooked Bass Lure

Bass tournament fishermen are famous for having “secret” lures they don’t tell anyone about, but Brandon Palaniuk’s secret lure is one that’s in virtually every angler’s tacklebox. The Yamaha Pro’s lure is a jerkbait, but […]

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KVD’s new deep diving jerkbait

Collierville, Tenn. – Although KVD is renowned for his prowess with several baits, his affinity for few of them rival that of a jerkbait. Kevin has successfully adapted his northern jerkbait skills to bodies of […]

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NEW – Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue

The Suspending Elite 8 Rogue dives quickly to 8-feet deep and features erratic panicked darts to the side when twitched. Color patterns include both translucent versions for clear water and bright chrome and gold versions […]