Rock Island Conservation Club

It was in the 20’s, with a colder wind chill, but the water was open at the Rock Island Conservation Club. So, I was able to get to fish on the first day of the year.

My first cast was a hit, but it took the second cast to catch the first fish on the year, which was a fair size bluegill, especially for the Conservation Club lakes.

All of the rest were crappie.

The fishing was tougher than yesterday, but the same combination of Natural Forage Baits T-Shad, Berkley Fishing Crappie Nibble and Kick’n Bass Fish Attractants Crappie Scent did the job.

I left the float set at about 5′ deep, and fished on the deep side of submerged brush.

The wind and wave action did most of the retrieve. However, the hits were extremely light and difficult to detect.

Pepper was more interested in snooping today.

It may have been cold, but God permitted me and Pepper another day together to go fishing.

Until next time, get out on the water, and enjoy a great day of fishing.