NY State Crappie Ice Derby

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NY Crappie DerbyThe Whitney Point Sportsmen’s Association has been advised that the Broome County Department of Parks and Recreation has evaluated the ice conditions at Whitney Point Lake, along with this week’s forecast and deemed that conditions are favorable for safe ice. Authorization has been given to conduct the crappie derby as scheduled on February 8, 2014.

The purse is currently over $13,000 and still growing. Registration is $2 for those over 12 years of age. Persons registered will have opportunities to win prizes in many fishing categories and also Door Prizes. Anyone can register. See the event’s website, WWW.CRAPPIEDERBY.COM for details on the event including Rules and Schedules.

The Derby Committee has set aside a large number of prizes for the younger participants to assure they have a good time. We’ll find a reason to give the youngsters a prize. We encourage families to come out and enjoy the day. The Whitney Point Sportsmen’s Association, who sponsors this event in cooperation with the Broome County Department of Parks and Recreation, are joined by local and national merchants who provide the prizes. 

Also this year, free public skating will be available courtesy of the Whitney Point Rotary. The rink will be created just offshore near the North Pavilion. Bring your skates. Free loaner skates will be provided as available.

Displays on the ice will include:
– The National Weather Service (including a Real Time Weather Station providing instantaneous weather information such as temperature, wind velocity and wind chill).
– EMTs will be available with a sheltered area.
– The Ross Park Zoo will have an exhibit of species appropriate to the weather.
– The Finch Hollow Nature Center will be on-hand with displays and to answer questions.
– The Broome County Underwater Dive Team will be present to demonstrate their skills.
– The Amigo Search & Rescue K9 dog training organization will be on hand with some of their K9 charges.
– We are still working on other possible displays and entertainment to make the event more interesting for the non-anglers. Free parking is available at Dorchester Park and parking is also available on Kiebel Road on the West side of the lake.

The derby hours are from 8 AM to 3 PM. At 3 PM, prizes will be awarded for the biggest crappie of the day (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and the biggest fish of a number of fish species. Prizes are awarded every fifteen minutes for the largest crappie caught during each 15 minute period. This encourages a steady flow of fish to the judges throughout the day. Other significant raffles and events will take place during the event.

Questions can be directed to Dave Hughes at (607) 692-3263 or visit our website at WWW.CRAPPIEDERBY.COM for details.