New Buck, Boars & Bears Premium 12-GA Rounds

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With uncompromising accuracy, devastating on-target expansion, and rifle-like chambering performance in both smooth and rifled barrels, Lightfield’s Bucks. Boars & Bears premium 12-gauge rounds are the most devastating and accurate shotgun slugs available for hunters after deer-sized game animals.

“These 2 ¾” rounds leave the muzzle at an impressive 1,600 fps with a massive 2,643 ft-lbs of energy and deliver a staggering 1,094 ft-lbs into their target with only ¾ of an inch of drop at 125 yards,” Brian Smith, Lightfield’s director of marketing, said. What that tech-speak means for hunters, he said, is a round that provides a consistent and impressive knockdown punch that puts game down for the count.
New Buck, Boars & Bears Premium 12-GA Rounds
Smith, an avid hog hunter, said Lightfield took its proven, award-winning IDS (Impact Discarding Sabot) line of heavy-game ammunition, slightly reduced the weight of the slug and created a hard-hitting 465-grain round that shoots flatter than a Kansas parking lot and will have hunters makin’ bacon at 175+ yards.

Smith is quick to point out the Bucks, Boars & Bears (LBBB-12) rounds are the perfect medicine for bears, too. “Hunters will quickly appreciate the merits of the rounds. Its IDS design helps control the expansion of the slug upon impact, ensuring it bores through hide, tough tissue and bone to penetrate deeply where full expansion occurs,” he said.

As a whitetail round, the LBBB-12 excels in long-range deer hunting applications courtesy of its flat trajectory and increased velocity. The LBBB-12’s 465-grain high performance projectile retains more than 1,065 ft-lbs of energy which allows hunters to drop a whitetail or pronghorn in its tracks from nearly two football fields way.

Slug-gun hunters rely on Lightfield’s combination of accuracy and knockdown power to fill their tags and permits. These rounds utilize a combination of patented technologies that mechanically fasten the sabot to a 99% pure lead slug, and, thanks to proprietary post/pressure wad design, it expands to fill the bore of any shotgun barrel when fired. The result is the hardest-hitting, flattest-shooting slug available today.

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