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The HT Enterprises Mini Nero Telescopic Russian Hand Auger features everything you need for drilling holes this winter! Crafted with Russian steel that cuts ice with ease, this auger folds up for a convenient and compact transport and storage. Perfectly calculated angles of the cutting head and ultra-sharp hardened steel blades easily and quickly drill new holes and open old holes.

  • Un-folds and telescopes to the size of a normal hand auger
  • Easily folds back for efficient storage and transport
  • Razor sharp blades of steel 65G have all undergone heat treatment and made with special technology
  • Blades have a diameter of 6 in.
  • Perfectly calculated angles of the cutting head and blades give the drill razor sharpness
  • They are usable on a ny type of ice and is the fastest cutting ice auger in the world today
  • Includes 22 in. auger extension and drill adapter
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Blackfish Rain Ad