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Mepps The Fishing Line NEWSLETTERFor many people, the New Year starts with a new list of resolutions. “I’d like to lose weight.” “I’m going to make more money.” “I’m really going to try to fish more.” Their hearts are in the right place, but statistically, these resolutions rarely amount to any meaningful change. Why is that? These resolutions sound good. Why don’t we follow through with them?

Resolutions vs. Goals

There is a big difference between a resolution made at 12:25 am on January 1st, while finishing a glass of champagne, and a well-planned, well-written goal. Goals are definitive. Goals are measurable. Real goals are exciting. I won’t go into the details in this article, because there are already thousands of resources describing in detail, how to make lasting, meaningful goals. Just do a simple Google search and you’ll find plenty of information on the process. The point is, make sure you do the research and make some goals for yourself. In fact, make it your first goal. “Before the end of this week, I will research the best way to create meaningful goals, and I will set, at least, three goals that I will accomplish in 2015.”

Fishing Goals

If you’re reading this newsletter, it’s probably safe to assume you love fishing, and want to get the most out of your fishing experience. Once you’ve learned how to set proper goals, consider setting some of your goals around fishing. They don’t have to be complicated in order to be meaningful to you. Here are a couple suggestions, just to get you started. Obviously, think of where you are as a fisherman-what level you’re currently at, things you’ve already accomplished, what level you’d like to reach, etc. Remember, these are just basic ideas. Please use the techniques you’ve just learned to plan and write them as real goals.

  • – Catch a species you’ve never caught before.
  • – Join a fishing club.
  • – Compete in your first tournament, or if you already fish tournaments, set your goal to get your first win or to become angler of the year.
  • – Earn a Mepps Trophy Fish Award. If you’ve already done that, shoot for Master Angler, or even, Expert Angler. The details are available here.
  • – Learn a new technique, like Shaky Head Worm fishing. Mister Twister offers the Poc’it Shake’R worm just made for this deadly, but often underutilized technique.
  • – Pick a conservation effort and make a change that affects the whole fishing community. Consider contacting your local Department of Natural Resources for ideas.
  • – Set a state record, or a line-class record. Research those records at the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and go for it!

These are just a few ideas to get you inspired. Take the time to learn about real goal setting, think about who you are and who you want to be and make 2015 your best year yet!

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