If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone on your list that enjoys fishing, hunting or both I have a great idea for you.

There are many conservation organizations working to conserve the fish and game we pursue and protecting their habitats so they are around for future generations to enjoy.

You can buy a basic gift membership to one of these organizations for about $30 to $35 and have it sent to them in your name. Basically it’s the cost of one or two boxes of shells, or a spool of braided fishing line. That’s a small price to pay to help the deer, ducks, turkey, elk, pheasant, salmon or trout.

Most of these organizations also hold annual fundraising banquets and auctions that they can go to and join with others like themselves to help raise money for their cause. Oh, did I mention the great food, storytelling and the opportunity to win prizes as well as bid on great outdoor equipment?

If they don’t already belong to one of these conservation groups it’s a Christmas gift they will love receiving and one you can really feel good about giving. In a world increasingly disconnected from the great outdoors, it’s more important than ever for people Learn about our nation’s conservation organizations and how they have helped save and protect fish and wildlife at the non-profit Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, MO. Go to for more information.

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