BoatUS Foundation Has Everything to Start Your Own Local Life Jacket Loaner Site

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BoatUSInterested in establishing a life jacket loaner program in your local boating community but don’t know where to start? Does your club or business currently offer a life jacket loaner program but want to promote it more effectively with high quality materials? With a range of new free and low-cost materials available, the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water can help you get a Life Jacket Loaner program off the ground or promote an existing loaner site.

“We have everything you need to make a new or current loaner program a success and be a great asset to your local community,” said BoatUS Foundation Outreach Manager Alanna Keating. “We have a new how-to guide with tips, discounted life jackets and all the materials and resources needed to start, expand and promote your program and help keep kids and adults safe on the water.” Everything is available at

The Foundation’s newly released “How To Set Up a Life Jacket Loaner Program Guide” provides step-by-step instructions and includes information on how to access free and discounted resources for your loaner program including promotional and educational materials and life jackets.

For a limited time, the Foundation is also selling discounted yellow and blue, vest-style, Type II and III “BoatUS Foundation” life jackets in infant (0-30lbs.), child (30-50lbs.), youth (50-90lbs.) and adult (over 90lbs.) sizes for $12 at Also available are Mustang brand Type II life jackets for infants, kids and youth for $25 – about half the retail price. While there is no minimum purchase, orders of five or less will be charged $2 per jacket for shipping. All funds go to support the non-profit’s boating safety and clean water programs.

Additionally, a partnership between the BoatUS Foundation and Stearns offers groups discounted life jackets directly from the life jacket manufacturer. There is a minimum order of 12 for the red and white, vest-style Type II and Type III jackets with infant to adult sizes available. Logo imprinting and shipping are additional. To order, see the how-to guide.

High quality preprinted and customizable educational and promotional loaner site signs, posters, flyers are available for purchase at discounted rates or you can download the print quality files as well as sign out forms and a life jacket fitting video at no cost.


About the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water:

The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating. Funded primarily by donations from the over half-million members of Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), the non-profit provides innovative educational outreach directly to boaters and anglers with the aim of reducing accidents and fatalities, increasing stewardship of America’s waterways and keeping boating safe for all. A range of boating safety courses – including 34 free state courses – can be found at

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