Big Water Panfish

BigWaterPans_1xIt’s one thing to find spring and summer panfish in a pond, creek or small lake. But what do you do when your home water is one of the Great Lakes? Or a giant reservoir? Or a sprawling water body best known for bass, walleyes, trout or other predators? Good news pan’ fans. Even on big water, finding sunfish, crappies and even perch can be simpler than you think. And once you find them, these sweet species can be among the most palm-stretching specimens found anywhere.


Especially in sprawling freshwater environs, sunfish and crappies tend to be homebodies, haunting relatively confined zones throughout the calendar year. No matter how big, deep or intimidating a water body, most contain prime shallow habitat used by panfish: boat harbors, marinas and other manmade backwater locales, plus natural bays, coves and creek inlets. Beginning in spring, nothing could be simpler than laying out a lake map and red X’ing vast portions of water in the main lake, particularly the stuff deeper than about 10 feet. Usually, what you’re left with is 5-percent of the lake’s area—the good stuff near shore that always holds panfish. Continue reading this great article in the lastest edition of ODU Magazine – Link –


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