A Fresh New Look for GEO-PAK

A Fresh New Look for GEO-PAK  GEO-PAK Hunt – the premier hunting app that enables hunting parties to hunt smart, and hunt safe, has recently redesigned the app’s dashboard in order to simplify and streamline the usability of several key features.

“GEO-PAK Hunt offers features like no other app on the market” stated GEO-PAK Managing Partner William Harnisch. “We simply needed to find a better way for our users to find and utilize those features. We feel that the new dashboard layout has accomplished this.”

GEO-PAK looked to several industry experts through the use of focus groups and other examinations to pinpoint which features people use most frequently while in the field. These studies allowed GEO-PAK to place priority on certain tools and bump others the back of the line. A great amount of thought was put into the new layout of the app and its navigation which is now a well-oiled instrument that any hunter can benefit from.

Now all of the features that separate GEO-PAK from its competitors are just a click away. The app is ideal for hunting parties, hunting leases, Guides and Outfitters, and all serious hunters.  For more information about GEO-PAK Hunt, visit http://hunt.geo-pak.com/features/  

About GEO-PAK Hunt:

Founded in 2010, GEO-PAK Hunt specializes in the development and utilization of cutting edge technology to enhance the outdoor and hunting experience, and hunter safety in the field. 


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