Yellowstone grizzly bear deaths hit record high

Yellowstone grizzly bear deaths for 2012 have tied a 2010 record high of 50.  The average number of Yellowstone grizzly deaths has doubled from 21 per year for 2001-2006 to 42 per year for 2007-2012.

In an article titled “Recent Wyoming grizzly bear deaths human-caused,” Wyoming Department of Fish & Game bear specialist Mark Bruscino said the current number of grizzly bear deaths is “about average.”

That depends on if you mean the average number of deaths before the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service removed Endangered Species Act protections for grizzlies in 2007, or after.  After Yellowstone grizzlies were delisted in 2007, environmentalist sued, and won, in federal court, forcing the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to relist grizzlies in 2009Continue reading more….  Article source