“Year of the Salmon” – NOAA

For International Year of the Salmon (2019), they are asking you to join them and their conservation partners in taking LEAPS for Atlantic salmon.

Did you know that Atlantic salmon can leap up to 12 feet in the air? This remarkable ability allows them to jump waterfalls and rocks as they swim up rivers to spawn. Despite this amazing ability, Atlantic salmon are endangered in the United States, largely due to the damming of rivers and the impacts from a changing climate. Overcoming these obstacles requires that many people come together to research, conserve, and restore this critically endangered fish.

"Year of the Salmon" - NOAA

Throughout 2019, the International Year of the Salmon, we are asking you to join us and our conservation partner in taking LEAPS for Atlantic salmon. LEAPS stands for:

Learn about salmon, their homes and neighbors.

Explore your streams and rivers.

Act now by working with local organizations to make your river salmon-friendly.

Protect salmon by making sure your actions keep rivers healthy.

Share what you’ve learned with family and friends. Encourage them to get involved!

Find out what we’re doing to help save salmon, and find out how you can help!

More salmon/trout coverage from ODU – https://www.odumagazine.com/topics/fishing_freshwater/troutsalmon-fishing/


Contact Jennifer Goebel, Regional Office, at 978-281-9175