X-Shield, Eye and Face Protection

X-Shield 1 I believe the old proverb that necessity is the mother of invention. I see it all the time as I talk to people about their creations. I ran across X-Shield at ICAST, the world’s largest fishing show. After checking it out and seeing its numerous applications as a facemask I predict it will be a winner in the market place.

The idea for X-Shield originated with a simple urge to go sunbathing. Tom Tredup, President/CEO of Raygear in Tampa, FL wanted to spend some time at the pool. “I always like to tan in the sun when I can,” said Tredup. “Living in Florida it gets hot. When I was poolside one hot day I put sunscreen on and it sweat right off.”

Not only did the lotion sweat off, but it also burned Tredup’s eyes. “I jumped in the pool to refresh and had to reapply the sunscreen. The process was messy and left white streaks on my face while continuing to sweat off. I noticed a couple girls tanning with towels over their faces. I tired that, but it was hard to breathe much less see around the pool.”X-Shield

It was then that the idea hit him in the way of a question. “Why doesn’t someone invent a pair of shades for the face?” Recognizing that sunglasses leave circles around the eyes because UV rays are blocked out, he figured he could eliminate all the UV rays and protect the face without the hassle of creams and lotions. There it was, X-Shields were born.

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