Winter Sauger Fishing Tips

sauger 1The sauger is a fish similar to the walleye. Both sauger and walleye have razor sharp teeth and large eyes. In fact, sauger and walleye are so similar that many sauger are caught by anglers fishing for walleye. Though the fish are similar, there are some differences. For one, walleye generally grow larger than sauger and sauger generally prefer areas with more current than walleye. Whether you fish for sauger specifically or are simply looking to learn how to catch them when nothing else is biting, here are some winter sauger fishing tips that you can use to add some more fish to your catch.

Lock and Dams

On the Ohio River and other larger rivers, most anglers hit the water below locks and dams in pursuit of sauger. Whether fishing from the shore or from boats, large numbers of sauger can be found in these areas. Look for the sauger deep during periods of low flow and nearer to the surface in high flows. During high flow, target casts into areas where there is some break from the current. Shoreline fishing is often best at dawn and dusk.


Areas where smaller streams enter a larger river or lake are always a great place to fish, but are particularly attractive for sauger. Sauger will often stack in these areas and feed on smaller fish and other food sources moving from the smaller stream into the larger body of water. Often, multiple fish can be caught in one area. An angler should work these areas quickly looking for a strike, but if one sauger is caught the area should be fished thoroughly as there will likely be more. Read more tips…. HERE….


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