V-T2 Saves Fish

Fell Marine

Activist Angler LogoIf you own a boat with a livewell, I encourage you to check out the V-T2 from New Pro Products, a new supporter of Activist Angler. It’s a simple, ingenious, and inexpensive way to take better care of your fish. Requiring no power and almost no maintenance, it provides a continuous source of dissolved oxygen, helps control temperature, and assists with removal of metabolic wastes and gases. Also, its use creates no risk of mechanical injury to the fish.

Via the V-T2, dissolved oxygen increases through atmospheric diffusion, augmented surface diffusion, and natural cooling processes, which increase the saturation capacity of the water.

It helps lower temperature through radiation, evaporation, conduction, and circulation.

And it uses air stripping and vacuum degassing to improve water quality. Read on….


Fell Marine