Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Welcomes Utility Workers as Newest Charter Union

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Welcomes Utility Workers as Newest Charter UnionThe Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is pleased to announce that the Utility Workers of America (UWUA) has signed on as a USA charter union, joining the ranks of the AFL-CIO, BCTD and 11 other affiliate unions. USA charter unions, like the UWUA, provide strategic guidance and resources to support the USA’s mission to unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage.

“Union sportsmen and women are making an impact across the nation by volunteering their time and unique trades skills for conservation, and the addition of the UWUA and its 50,000 members will help us carry out our mission,” said USA Executive Director Fred Myers. “We thank the UWUA for doing its part to make sure its members that hunt, fish, shoot and recreate outdoors now have an outdoor organization they can call their own.”

As an extension of their union membership, all active and retired UWUA members may now take advantage of a no-cost USA membership, which provides access to the USA’s digital magazine, national promotions and giveaways, deals and discounts, members-only sections of the website, events and more.

Many UWUA members are already engaging with the USA and fellow union sportsmen and women.   UWUA members attended the USA’s 2nd Annual West Virginia AFL-CIO Conservation Dinner in Charleston to help raise funds for a local conservation project. In Chattanooga, Tenn., members of UWUA Local 121 will soon lend their skills to build a boat and storage shed at Harrison Bay State Park at part of the USA’s Work Boots on the Ground program.  For the past several years, a team of shooters representing UWUA Local 666 has been racking up awards at the USA’s sporting clays shoots in Western Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio.

Members also have the opportunity to apply for a hunting or fishing trip on the USA’s award-winning outdoor TV series, Brotherhood Outdoors. UWUA Local 666 member David Cole and his son, Tristan, were recently filmed on a Georgia quail hunt episode, which will air in early 2016.

“The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance gives union members the best of both worlds—it helps union brothers and sisters connect with one another outside of work, while also protecting natural resources,” said UWUA President Mike Langford.  “We are proud to support the USA’s efforts to protect America’s outdoor heritage and our members’ opportunities to recreate in the great outdoors.”

About the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is a union-dedicated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose members hunt, fish, shoot and volunteer their skills for conservation. The USA is uniting the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage. For more information, visit www.unionsportsmen.org, www.facebook.com/unionsportsmen or www.twitter.com/unionsportsmen