Total shutdown of Puget Sound salmon season sparks anger (VIDEO)

Komo News Reported 1st: Washington anglers are protesting an unprecedented shutdown of the Puget Sound salmon fishing season. State and tribal fishery managers failed to reach an agreement on harvest negotiations, ending all salmon fishing in the Sound on Sunday. It is not expected to reopen for the rest of the 12-month fishing season.

Tribes are allowed to move ahead with some fisheries, but sport anglers and nontribal commercial fishermen could be out of luck.

More than 100 people showed up in Lacey on Thursday to protest the unfairness of the system that led to the fishing ban.

A 1974 court decision affirmed tribal treat rights to half the salmon catch, sparking bitter protests, but things changed when state and tribal officials began to negotiate in 1984. This year is the first time since that the state and tribes haven’t been able to reach an agreement.

Recent attempts to establish conservation measures have strained the talks.


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