Today’s fishing was a bit windy and cold

Marcum FF Ice 2017

Today's fishing was a bit windy and coldOn my first cast, using a Blitz Lures LLC Spotted Goby Blade, I caught a 14 inch bass. From there on it was almost fishless until towards the time when I was leaving.

I ended up catch 4 bass, a couple of which were within 3 feet of shore. They ranged in size from 14 to 18 inches. Nothing to get overly excited about, but on this day anything looked good. At least Pepper and I didn’t get zeroed out.

The retrieve used was a slow constant cranking, just above of touching the submerged weeds. Nothing hit any sort of pump or lift-and-fall retrieve.

Water temperature was around 42°, so that is good for Blades.

I tried for crappie with a Slab Daddy and Crappie Nibble, but nothing happening there.

For all of those folks who fish the Rock Island Conservation Club lakes crappie fishing should be kicking, and even before this time. I would be using the Slab Daddy, Mini Mite, Blitz Crappie Jig and Panfish Road Runner under a float with Crappie Nibbles and a dose of Kick’n Bass Fish Attractants Crappie scent. If they aren’t hitting these lures then I’ll go with Custom Jigs & Spins Rat Finkee and Ratso, again with Crappie Nibbles or Wax Worms and the Kick’N Crappie, and fished under a float.

While I will fish “flat” water for crappie by putting several different movements to the float, I prefer a little “chop” so that it will keep the float moving, jiggle the jig, and keep the fish from seeing above the surface when the water is clear. Remember, crappie primarily feed upward, thus a lot of strikes as the lure falls.

Until next time, get out on the water, and enjoy a great day of fishing.


Marcum FF Ice 2017