Throwing Knives – Dan Galusha (Multi-Post) – #3

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I’m pretty proud of myself tonight for throwing my LEFUX Stork knives from 16 feet with a half-spin.

I let Pepper out and decided to get my Storks out to throw for a short time before it got completely dark. I was sticking them from different distances, but wanted to make sure I get a 100% stick before I quit.

It was 9 p.m. and dark. For some reason I had hold of the blade end for a half-spin throw in a choked up position. I let fly and heard the hit. Yes, heard, as it was getting dark enough I couldn’t tell exactly where they were striking.

The first one I figured was a “fluke”, but I threw the other two, and they hit. So, one more time. It was dark enough now that all I could do is hear the hit and know they stuck. I can see the round, but can’t see the knives. I walked up to take a look – 3 perfectly straight sticks in the center. Great time to quit for the night, although I wanted to keep going.

The photo was taken during a daylight moment when throwing the Lefux Storks.

Until next time shoot safe, and have a great day of plinking.

The other day I was telling you about throwing a half-spin with the LEFUX Stork knives at 17 feet. This video is about how to accomplish that distance and further. – #lefuxstorkthrowingknives #halfspinthrowingat17feetandfurther

Tonight I threw my LEFUX Stork knives with a half-spin at 7 yards. I choked up slightly from my 17 feet throwing, and threw the knives blade side up and blade side down, both with equal success. In fact, blade side down placed a natural curve at the heel of my hand, which helped find the “sweet spot” for throwing everytime. The photo is my final throw of the night.

Pepper has started watching the knife throwing as much as he does the airgun plinking. He stays in a safe area until I’m finished throwing, and then goes to investigate the target area. I’m not sure for what he is searching.

The newest Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ video offers another knife throwing review. This one is on the United Cutlery Gill Hibben model 2033 Hall of Fame throwers.  #GillHibben2033unitedcutlerythrowingknives