The Spring Summer fishing edition is here from ODU Magazine.

May - June 125 CoverThis edition will make your spring end in a boom of fishing success. We hit on bass, catfish, walleye, pike, crappie, perch, flounder, gill and bear hunting…. Plus a whole lot more.  Here is the link to this newest edition. Please Enjoy –


May - June 275 Cover

Titles/Articles to look forward to and read are:

The IGFA Bass Quest, By Bill Vanderford, Pg 6

Keep the Kids Fishing, By

Jake Bussolini, Pg 13

Big Water Panfish, By Ted Pilgrim with Joe Balog, Pg 15

Early Season Northern Pike, By Bob Jensen, Pg 22

Big Time Walleyes on Small Time Water, By Jason Mitchell, Pg 25

When The Fishing Is Slow, Tie On A Matzuo Ikari A

nd Speed It Up, By Steve Mui, Pg 30

Fishing Rod Selection and Application Demystified, By Lawrence Gunther, Pg 33

Seven Reasons Why Cheese Baits, Dip Baits, Sponge Baits & Punch Baits Don’t Work!, By Damon Toney, Pg 45

Fish Can’t Resist Crappie Kick

ers, By Brad Wiegmann, Pg 53

Five of Fishing’s Diamonds in the Rough, By Jason Mitchell, Pg 57

Soft Plastic Time, By Captain

Mike Gerry, Pg 61



Book Review: Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies: Growing up with Nature, By William L. Schwarz, Pg 63

The Deepest Secrets of Fishing Line, By Captain Mike Gerry, Pg 65

Catch More Cold-Water Crappies, Dr. Jason Halfen, Pg 66

Fluke Tactics and Tips, By Tom Michael, Pg 71

Top Bass Fishing Techniques to Employ This Season, By Glenn Walker, Pg 74

Rethinking Jigs For “Roller Coaster” Bass, By Steve Pennaz, Pg 79

HT’s New Ice Fishing Products For 2015/2016, Pg 86

Bruins of Northern Canada, By Jim Cunningham, Pg 90

Gun Spot Light, Ruger® M77 Hawkeye “Alaskan” Rifle, Pg 95


The next edition, Summer F

ishing will be hear in two weeks