The Only Multi-Gun Match on an Army Base on Shooting USA

JimScoutten.ShootingUSANEW! Shooting USA – Fort Benning 3-Gun Match – It’s the only pistol, rifle, and shotgun challenge held on an active duty Army Base. If running and gunning stage challenges is simulated combat, it doesn’t get any more real than when the Army Marksmanship Unit sets up the challenges and adds in full-auto fire and Abrams Tanks! Plus the enhanced Garand, the M-14 is now one of History’s Guns.  And Blackhawk! Pro, Todd Jarrett shows you real world rifle training, while shooting with his rental car.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Sgt. Richmond’s Speed 8

US Army Marksman Josh Richmond is an Olympic competitor in Double Trap, but this week he honors one of the famous pro shooters who inspired him to take up the sport. Sergeant Richmond recreates one of Herb Parson’s exhibition shots from the 1950s, eight birds from the low house as fast as they can be thrown. But then he takes it up to Impossible, shooting from the hip.  Julie Golob is your host for this edition of Impossible Shots.


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Return to Gunsite Academy

Later this week, John and the crew head to the original “American Pistol Institute” now known as Gunsite Academy near Phoenix, Arizona. While there, the crew will work with three top instructors from the Colt Combat Unit, to bring you the latest series of Pro Tips. Stay tuned!

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