The Growth and Success of Rhino Blinds

Outdoor Product Innovations announces the growth and success of Rhino Blinds since their purchase of the company in 2015. Dan Reaser, CEO reports that the company has undergone steady growth and notable improvements in the last four years.

Improvements Over The Last Four Years

In 2015, Rhino Blinds approached “The Outdoor Option” for a sponsorship. Rhino Blinds was a product the show used, trusted, and believed in. Eventually, there was conversation of the brands future and potential acquisition. Reaser worked in manufacturing and wanted to apply his expertise to the outdoor industry and acquired Rhino Blinds.

“What really stood out to me was the heavy-duty nature of the company’s blinds. The first flagship blind, which is still our flagship today, is made with 600-denier fabric, and uses a printing technique called “wet printing” instead of heat transfer… I had used all the competitors’ blinds, and none of them lasted like a Rhino Blind. In fact, I still have the first one I purchased back in 2011. That kind of performance made us strongly believe in the product.”-Dan Reaser, CEO of Outdoor Product Innovations

Since Reaser acquired Rhino Blinds, product and operations have changed drastically. Originally, only one model and one camo pattern were available. The company made the decision to provide three Mossy Oak patterns, and later on, some Realtree patterns. Different blind sizes, camo patterns, window configurations, and fabric thicknesses have been added to their line of over twelve blind models.

When it comes to Rhino Blinds, dealers can turn a profit on product no matter the region. States in the Midwest make more use of the blinds because hunters want to stay out of the cold weather, however, more hunters are beginning to use them in other climates as well. Rhino Blinds’ patterns are realistic enough to conceal hunters, allowing them to sit anywhere, take shots from they couldn’t access from a tree, and get closer to their target animal.

Rhino Blinds provides ground blind inventory for all kinds of terrains and animals, all year long. In terms of price, products from Rhino Blinds vary from $30 up to $300. If a dealer wishes to provide blinds to customers, they can get everything they need in one place.

“Other blind companies generally bring inventory in at the beginning of the year, and when they run out, it’s gone for the year. We always have inventory, and we try to make sure that orders always ship the next day…it’s been a key to our continued growth.”-Dan Reaser, CEO of Outdoor Product Innovations

The relationship between Rhino Blinds and their dealers is of the utmost importance to them, therefore, inventory is constantly replenished so dealers never have to miss out on sales. By supporting their dealers, Rhino Blinds creates a stable platform for serious growth.

The Future of Rhino Blinds and Outdoor Product Innovations

Reaser believes that Rhino Blinds will have continued growth in the coming years. Outdoor Product Innovations plans to continue acquiring companies they trust and believe in.

Outdoor Product Innovations owns other companies such as the LiDCAM+ Action Camera, Outpost Feeders, and Capsule Game Feeders. Outdoor Product Innovations hopes to be very aggressive in all markets they enter, with many new ventures in the works to be announced late fall to early January. Outdoor Product Innovations intends to continue supporting their dealers in a major way and says that the industry can expect big things from them moving forward.

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