The German Sports Guns’ M1911

The German Sports Guns' M1911Thanks to American Tactical sending a German Sports Guns’ M1911 in 22 caliber, I’m able to show the difference in size with the Browning 1911-22. Everyone knows that the Browning pistol is 85% the size of a full size M1911, but now, for those who have asked, I can show the difference in the attached photo (GSG M1911 top; Browning 1911-22 Grey with rail bottom). As can be expected, you can feel the dramatic difference in weight.

I’m anxious to shoot this new GSG and give a report on its abilities.

At this point I am very impressed, as are two of the lead rangers with Scott County Conservation, who were looking at it today. For a price that is just under $300, and even cheaper if found on sale, it is very good quality.

I’m sure I’ll be recommending it, along with the Firefly, as a Christmas gift idea, or any gift as far as that goes. One of those things for a person who shares their birthday day with the Lord Jesus Christ – give one pistol for their Christmas present and the other for their birthday.

Until next time, shoot safe, and have a great day of plinking.