Bow fishing is a sport that combines archery and fishing and is growing in popularity across the country. Part of the reason is the wide availability of rough fish which the bow fisherman seeks and partly because it keeps the bow hunters eyes tuned and muscles toned for the start of the fall hunting seasons.

A bow pulling any weight will get the job done but it is best to stay away from over draws and fancy rests because of the heavy arrows and line used. Your local Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s can help you with equipment needs and is the best way to get set up right the first time.

Once you’re set it’s a matter of finding the fish and getting shots either by wading or out of a boat. The fish sought are usually carp, gar and buffalo found in lakes, rivers and backwaters across America. Look where shallow water contains some kind of cover such as weeds or brush and you’re likely to find rough fish.

Bow fishing can be done both day and night. The shooting can be fast and furious and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Stop by your local Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s store and check out their great selection of bow fishing gear or go to or

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