The First Crappie Came On A Yellow Perch Rat-L-Trap

The First Crappie Came On A Yellow Perch Rat-L-TrapAfter having a meeting regarding my health insurance, Pepper and I got out fishing for a few hours. We didn’t do all that well on bass, but did fairly well on crappie.

The first crappie came on a Yellow Perch Rat-L-Trap, and measured close to 15 inches. The remaining 6 crappie, ranging from 10 to 14 inches, came on a Cubby Mini-Mite with a Berkley Fishing Power Crappie Nibble, and dose of Kick’n Bass Fish Attractants Crappie scent.

Fish were hanging around heavy weed areas in the deeper middle part of the lake.

I used the Mini-Mite in two ways – under a float, and with the “finger jigging” technique on a 10′ Berkley C-Series rod. This is the first time I’ve ever finger jigged with this rod, and I discovered that it worked perfectly for placing the correct action on the lure.

The water temperature is dropping into the 50’s, which means the crappie will definitely start becoming more active, and the bass will start hitting Blitz Lures LLC Blades.

I tried a blade today, but nothing. For some reason the Spotted Goby Blade in the 1/2 oz size works best on this lake. However, I couldn’t find mine – only a 1/4 oz in the color. I’ll have to do some hunting around in the vehicle or storage shed. I did use the 1/2 oz Table Rock Shad, which worked a little last week, but nothing going.

Until next time, get out on the water, and enjoy a great day of fishing.

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