The 1st ODU Magazine of 2019 is Out

The 1st ODU Magazine of 2019 is Out

ODU Magazine has a whopper of a magazine (126 Pages and 27 articles) to share as we head into the last part of winter. Dare we say the largest. Bass, walleye, flathead cats, trout, sturgeon and much much more is covered. The February edition will be out in three weeks! Enjoy. Link to magazine – and link to pdf –

What To Look Forward To:


  • Getting Down, Pg 8
  • Run Down the Fish, Pg 10
  • A Giant Cat For The Bucket List, Pg 12
  • Evolution of the Straight-Line Reel: From Beginning to Better, Pg 14
  • Jig Them Up!, Pg 16
  • Solving Sonar Interference, Pg 20
  • Mid-Winter Feb Fishing, Pg 26
  • Just What the Angler Ordered, Pg 31
  • Hole Hoppers, Pg 34

ENJOY THE HARVEST – Bacon Wrapped Venison Medallions, Pg 39


  • Winter Time Is Frog Time, Pg 44
  • Treachery Within The Ranks, Pg 49
  • Cold Winter Day Tips, Pg 54
  • Running Rough Water, Pg 56
  • South Florida Circus, Pg 61
  • Jaws dropped when this Sturgeon first exploded out of the Fraser River!, Pg 66
  • Bump It, Pg 69
  • Lake Erie Spring Walleye Tactics, Pg 72
  • Winter’s Triple Threat, Pg 76
  • Patience, Petite Tackle and Opening Day Muskies, Pg 84
  • A Most Productive Open Water Technique, Pg 88
  • Reading Your Mapping, Pg 90
  • Rapala DT Cranks Help Bolton Win First FLW Tour Tournament, Pg 92
  • Gila Trout: A Native Trout Conservation Story, Pg 96



  • Bears of Wekusko, Pg 104
  • A Special Frontier, Pg 112
  • Buffalo Soldier Crocodile, Pg 115

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