Bassin' With Captain Mike Gerry

My Favorite Bait Time

With the colder water ahead we are gaining ground on the time of year my favorite bait produce some great catches. I know lots of folks don’t really work spinner bait as it gets colder […]

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Bass Fishing

BIOVEX Stangun (Video)

Plain and simple, the Biovex Stangun Spinnerbait is the best lifelike and true running spinnerbait on the market. Available in several different sizes, colors and blade combinations, it’s the baits detail that catches the eye. […]

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Common Sense Spinnerbait Storage

If you read today’s fishing magazines, you’d think the spinnerbait was dead. Yet, while everybody’s throwing swim jigs in lieu of the old standby, blades are looking pretty new again to conditioned fish. Just ask […]