TACTICS FOR MISSOURI TROUTThe season for Missouri trout park fishing is open.  River banks are wall to wall with anglers early in the season and on holiday weekends.  Then the crowds gradually disappear.  But the fishing for these little torpedoes remains excellent.

Classic trout fishermen typically throw very small flys.  The reason they can do that is due to the fish’s is very acute vision.  Certain environmental conditions call for the use of certain flys.    Trout are sight feeders.

Using dry flys is not the only way.  Their eyes are mid-range.  That means they are comfortable looking up for food as well as down.

Simple is good when trout fishing.  Trout have an amazing ability to consume large baits when it comes to natural ones.  They are little Billy goats.  They may prefer only very tiny offerings but it they are hungry they will take almost anything in the tackle box.

Trout prefer moving water in the 40 to 55-degree range with a rocky bottom.  They survive in pond water but on a more limited basis. Continue reading – https://dongasaway.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/tactics-for-missouri-trout/