TACKLE FOR ILLINOIS TROUT FISHING 1Fishing for Midwestern trout is usually a little different than in western or eastern waters.  This is due to the fact that most Midwestern trout are hatchery raised and often found in ponds as opposed to rivers and streams.  Such is the case with Illinois’ catchable trout season which begins in April.

Donald Gasaway BlogWith the exception of Devils Kitchen Lake in Williamson County, the local trout are placed in the ponds and small lakes of some 50 locations a week or so prior to the opening.  The fish are usually all caught by the arrival of the warm summer temperatures which raise the water temperatures beyond that habitable for trout.

Devils Kitchen Lake is a very deep lake and the water does not get as warm allowing the fish to survive.

Spin tackle in the main Midwestern choice for trout fishing.  Out west and east there is more fly fishing.

You want a relatively light rod to match the style of fishing you are doing.  Light to medium-light action is best because it is very soft and limber allowing the casting of very small lures.  The reason for the preference of the open spinning reel for trout is the use lighter line.   It works well with 4 to 6 pound test line.  Typically drag is better too.

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