SPYPOINT Joins Whitetails Unlimited as National Sponsor

SPYPOINT Joins Whitetails Unlimited as National Sponsor

SPYPOINT, the industry leader in cellular trail cameras and technology, is honored to join the ranks of other outdoor companies as a National Sponsor of Whitetails Unlimited.

“The Whitetails Unlimited mission of preserving our hunting tradition and the educational and habitat enhancement and acquisition that support that is near and dear to us,” commented Simon Boaler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SPYPOINT. “SPYPOINT products and technology represent the next evolution of tools for proper herd and land management, so it only makes sense for us to partner with such a highly respected conservation organization committed to the future of hunting,” he added.

Asked about the new National Sponsor, Jeff Schinkten, Whitetails Unlimited President, had this to say. “We’re very excited about having SPYPOINT Trail Cameras as a Whitetails Unlimited national sponsor. So many of our members use trail cameras, and are always interested in seeing what is happening in the deer woods. SPYPOINT has great products with innovative features, and we are looking forward to working together in the future.”

Boaler concluded, “Whitetails Unlimited members are passionate enthusiasts. These are hunters who will immediately understand the value of timely information and the time and cost savings that cellular cameras provide. Those advantages paired with things like the industry’s only free data plan, and our AI image recognition BUCK TRACKER technology, make SPYPOINT and Whitetails Unlimited and their membership a natural pairing.

ABOUT SPYPOINT: From its beginning as a three-employee startup in 2004, SPYPOINT has been focused on innovation and evolution. Since launching our first cellular cameras in 2012 we’ve become the category leader by continually innovating and bringing new products and experiences to our customers. As we enter our 15th year with more than 100 employees in North America, SPYPOINT products being sold at more than 5,000 locations in more than 45 countries around the world, and more than 250 million images transmitted through our servers, we aren’t resting. SPYPOINT is doing what we’ve always done, developing the next step in revolutionizing the trail camera market. Learn more about SPYPOINT products visit www.spypoint.com.

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