Some Answers to Questions for the SPRO Frog Tournament

SPRO Frog TournamentAs we have progressed into the SPRO frog only tournament and the date nears there have been some consistent questions that keep coming up so I thought I would answer some of the most frequently asked questions. The first question has been can we modify the frog. This year’s tournament the frog has to be fished in the traditional manner over the top and the only modifications that you can make is to trim the legs if you wish and or put some rattles up into the body of the frog. Nothing else can be done to the frog in any form; the point is we are trying to make the frog tournament simple, you fish it out of the package with very little changes if any.

The next question I get is, does the frog have to be in the package at the start of the tournament? The answer is very simple as long as it is a SPRO frog whether you start the day with it in the package is irrelevant.

One of the questions/concerns I get is what happens if my partner has to drop out for some reason can I pick up another partner and still fish the tournament? This question is also very simple the entry fee is paid per boat so its $120 including big fish pot per boat, so changing partners is not a problem. However the new partner must have his name on an entry form and we must have a signed registration form to change partners to the new fisherman. It also raises the next part of this can the boater not pick and new partner and fish alone; that is also very simple, yes you can; the boater fishing alone is not an issue.

The pick your flight has gone well, but just as a side note you cannot pick your boat number and now that we are well into the number of boats registered you can only pick whether you want to be as early as possible or as late as possible. We can only put you into the middle of the boats period!

It is also been asked is how do we validate the winner? In other words how do we know the winner did what we asked and stayed within the rules; again very simple the winner will be given a lie detector test before he receives is check; he must pass it! If you happen to see a person cheating take a picture, including the boat license registration number on the side of the boat send it to the tournament director during the tournament! What SPRO FROGS can you use? Here are their SPRO proper names! BRONZEYE Baby Pop, BRONZEYE POP, BRONZEYE FROG JR , BRONZEYE FROG 65 ,BRONZEYE KING DADDY, BRONZEYE SHAD 65

Lastly the meeting on Friday night is not mandatory, however this is where most of the give-a way’s will be put in the hands of the participants and you must be present to win a door prize at the meeting. Good luck to you all, see you at the tournament!


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