Snag Proof Returns To ICAST

Snag Proof Returns To ICAST The company that produced the first hollow-body frog back in 1961 was sold in 2014 and sold a second time in 2016. The past few years have seen 2 mergers and 2 moves—one from Ohio to California, the second from Fremont to San Jose. During this time adjustments had to be made, workers trained, and high quality product produced. While Snag Proof was going through these growing pains, more and more companies introduced their version of a hollow-body frog. Tackle shops everywhere have many different styles and brands of frogs. Still the best choice, are the frogs made by the company that specializes in hollow-body, weedless lures: Snag Proof.

Snag Proof Is Your Frog AuthoritySnag Proof Returns To ICAST

Froggin’, it’s a fun way to fish for some and it’s an addiction for others! Catching fish with a frog is exciting as well as effective. A hollow-body frog fitted with double hooks will allow the angler to get into weedy, mossy places where ordinary lures can’t go. And can result in heart-stopping action!

Snag Proof specializes in hollow-body lures and is well known for producing a wide variety of frogs. For more than 55 years, anglers have put their trust in the company that knows frogs like no other.

The company that started it all, Snag Proof.

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American manufacturers of hollow-bodied, weedless, fishing lures. Specializing in frogs, with more than 10 different frog styles. Snag Proof is known for the best frogs on the market!

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