Slow Down Your Day When Chasing Bass This Summer

The one thing most of us are guilty of while summer time fishing is fishing to fast; there is just no question that in the heat of the summer time the slower you present your bait the bigger the bite becomes. It is for sure a problem I deal with every day; not only from customers but my own fishing style, I like to cover water and slowing down is something I struggle with also on a daily basis.

Slow Down Your Day When Chasing Bass This Summer

I tell myself to let that bait sit and try to be more conscious of my speed but time gets in my way and I must mentally insist I work slower especially as the day and sun moves higher in the sky. Drag, shake, let your bait sit on the bottom are all ways you can force yourself to slow down; I can do it if I set my mind too and so can you. The thing of it is not only do you catch more fish when you slow down but there is no doubt that size goes up the slower you work your bait especially in the heat of the summer.

If you combine small baits with slow presentation, lighten the weight some to let the bait drift you can really reap the benefits. I know many of you have experienced the person in the back of the boat that throws their bait out and lets it drag behind the boat; although their reasoning may be different the results are amazing. It’s a favorite pattern of many woman who out of lack of experience just drag their bait and out fish the folks in the front of the boat; patience is the key to these hot summer time days and working slow and dragging is a way to accomplish it.

This past couple of years with the onset of these clumps of ell grass; the necessity to slow down have even been more important; bass hide around these clumps and letting your bait sit just entices the bass to strike as he is positioned around the clump. Patience is a virtue and hot summer time fishing needs a little slow fishing to pay off.

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