Ramp Etiquette

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Ramp EtiquetteAs is always the case in the spring we are getting into the busy time of year and the boat ramps are the first place one must face the crowds. As usual every day can be a new adventure when you pull up to a ramp, as it’s the time of year that many folks that have never pulled a boat are being faced with getting their boat in the water as well as the many folks that think they can take as much time on the ramp as they need.

We all want people to be safe and take the time needed to get their boat in the water, however we also must realize that your actions at the ramp can be aggravating to those trying to get in and chase that first bite of the morning and sitting in line at a ramp where the inexperienced boater is struggling with protocol can be extremely aggravating. So here is my list of do’s and don’ts while facing the crowds at your local boat ramp.

Pre-prepare, make sure your truck parking break works correctly, understand how your straps un-hook and always understand how to get your boat plug correctly installed.

Prepare, every time you get to a boat ramp prepare your boat for launch before backing down the ramp, make sure your gear, life jackets, boat straps are ready to launch this will cut down time trying to get your boat in the water. Sitting at the ramp watching someone prepare their boat while backed into the water is extremely annoying to the others in line.

Practice, if you have never backed a boat down a ramp, get your boat to an empty parking lot and practice backing it up and understand how the boat turns prior to ever getting to a busy boat ramp. Believe me the mental pressure you will feel the first time you’re backing a boat down a ramp will be high and if you haven’t practiced some it will cause a mistake and these types of mistakes generally result in your property being damaged.
Lastly, if you haven’t run your boat motor make sure you have had some good instructions on the starting and operation of the boat, and make sure it starts as sitting with the boat half in the water watching someone trying to start it is a fire storm.

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