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Bogs_Eagle_Cap_Hiker_71075_Mossy_OakThis past fall and early winter season called for a good choice in footwear. Post deer hunting season hikes in rain soaked woods and trails, setting up and tending coyote blinds in wet corn fields, everyday domestic walks to the bus stop, shopping, Cub Scout outings and family trips all make a footwear choice hard. I wanted to keep it to one pair of boots as well for the family. It’s cold in New England and a warm, comfortable pair of boots that are 100% water proof is a must. Finding a pair of boots that fit this bill could be another challenge.

Let’s start with the conclusion that my entire family came to about the boots we chose, BOGS. These boots were the best boots each of us has ever had and each of us chose boots styles based on our individual needs. BOGS boots rock and I recommend these to families and hunters, without reservation.

A month before the boots arrived at our doorstep, I honestly had never heard of BOGS. I did the basic internet search for great boots, water proof boots, winter boots, kid’s boots etc. I live in Maine and it was obvious to me that Google new that as well, since LL Bean kept popping up on every single search. Yes, other boot brands jumped up at me, and I knew of them all. Not BOGS. BOGS were well known already (I just never heard of them) and judging from the reviews I read, they were a good choice. Actually, they were a great choice!seo_big

Step back one year and the boots my kids had were seasonal. What I mean is they only lasted a season. Some were comfortable. Some were water proof. Never both! At the end of last winter all the winter boots were tossed and we all jumped into our older boots or bought new spring/summer treads. What a waste. Some of these boots were $50 or more and my hunting/hiking boots were a bit more than all of them.

So what did we get?

I ended up getting a pair of BOGS Eagle Cap Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Hiker Boots. Great boots to wear on all surfaces, including trails, roads, woods etc. I had no issues. The boots always kept my feet warm. In the field the treads were perfect and show little wear at this time. One test I did was for every single snow storm I wore my BOGS to snow blow the walk ways and drive ways. Sometimes I was outside for hours. Again I never had an issue with these boots. Comfort was a concern when they arrived. They looked to me as if they would have no give for my feet. Wrong again! After a very short break-in period, I was able to walk with these anywhere. The last extreme test I did was with the kids and their boots and the pair I had. So we stood in a very chilly brook (the brook was 37 degrees Fahrenheit). We stood in the brook for over fifteen minutes playing eye-spy to pass the time. We all had simple cotton socks on and our feet stayed warm and 100% dry the whole time.

wjm-328_1zMy son got a pair BOGS Classic Graffiti Kids’ Insulated Boots in green. That boy has worn these boots to shovel in deep snow, go sledding for hours, during every outside school recess this winter, on hikes and for family errands. Not only are they comfortable, warm and 100% waterproof, but they are very simple to put on with the Easy-on pull handles. As for how they wore. These boots will be easily handed down to my oldest daughter for next year, because these boots still look like new.

2718413-p-2xMy oldest daughter got a pair of boots, that when you first look at them they appeared to be cloth right down to the soles. That might be true of these BOGS Summit Solid Knit Boots, but they are comfortable, warm and 100% waterproof and very simple to put on with the Easy-on pull handles. These boots are constructed of 3mm Bogs Neo-Tech insulation, lined with Bogs Max-Wick™ to absorb and evaporate moisture and DuraFresh bio-technology that activates to fight unwanted odors and are dual-density, contoured EVA footbed with DuraFresh. What does that all mean? They used great materials to build a great boot!

BLAMy wife went traditional and pragmatic for her pair and told me well in advance that her boots most likely would be 100% waterproof like most rubber pac boots, but would hurt her feet almost immediate. I was worried, because she is usually right. She got the Plimsoll Prince of Wales High Women’s Insulated Boots and they were a welcomed addition to her boot collection. As you wear these boots, you know they are not your grandmother’s old green pacs, or you new improved pacs you see on the market today. These BOGS boots passed the test of comfort, warmth and 100% waterproof with ease. I see my wife wearing these for years to come.

So this spring when you are looking for rain boots, or fall when you are looking for new hunting boots do a Google search for BOGS. These boots will not break the bank, and are an extreme value for what you get. ODU recommends BOGS.

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