ODU Magazines Early Spring Fishing 2017 Edition Is Now Available

This edition will take our loyal and new ODU readers on a rather interesting trip. On the Fishing Zone side anglers can look forward to coverage on bass, walleye, crappie, sturgeon, trout, bowfishing, tackle and boating tips. ODU then switches to outdoor pieces that will may think more about our pass time and also introduce you to falconry from an expert. Finally our Hunting Zone talks guns and hunting predators, for those of you who have already tagged out on turkey.

ODU Magazines Early Spring Fishing 2017 Edition Is Now Available

Link to this magazine >>> https://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUMarAprFishingEdition2017/
Link to this magazines index page >>> https://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUMarAprFishingEdition2017/#p=7
Link to download this magazine >>> https://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUMarAprFishingEdition2017.pdf

Articles to look for in this edition:

     The Perfect Role Model, Pg 8
     Open Water 2017, Pg 12
     Smart Man Over, Pg 15
     Mishandling At The Highest, Pg 18
     Slab Or A Slob, Pg 22
     Running and Gunning, , Pg 24
     Move Out To Jig Pigs, Pg 29
     A Date With A Dinosaur, Pg 33
     Early Season Checklist for Walleyes, Pg 38
     From Spawn To Ice: A Laker’s Life, Pg 42
     Going Overhead for Spawning Bass, Pg 45
     Fishing with St. Joe, Pg 46
     Girl’s Night Out Bowfishing, Pg 50
     The Solar Lunar Table, Pg 52
     Fishing Tackle Tips for the Apocalypse, Pg 53

     More Outdoor memories, Pg 58
     Lady Hawk, Pg 63

     Sight Seeing, Pg 67
     Stoeger Coach Gun, Pg 70
     Hungry Men Don’t Use A 410, Pg 72
     Predator Primer, Pg 76
     A “Come to Jesus” Moment, Pg 83
     The Dual, Pg 86

Thank you for reading, sharing and sharing the outdoors with your neighbor.