No Fly-Zone Hats

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Stetson No Fly-Zone Big Brim Mesh SafariBaseball caps, visor caps and dew rags eventually just don’t cut it when you are in the outdoors, with sun and heat beating down on you. These head pieces block some sun, make your day on the water or on a hike a bit hotter and have no affect on bugs. Enter in the Stetson No Fly-Zone Big Brim Mesh Safari.

The ODU Magazine Team was on several fishing and hiking outings in early hot August and the differences in switching to the Stetson No Fly-Zone Big Brim Mesh Safari became apparent in no time. I may never use a baseball cap again when fishing, camping or hiking in hotter weather.

Let’s talk design. The Stetson No Fly-Zone Big Brim Mesh Safari comes from a family of Stetson No Fly-Zone hats that look great. The big Brim Mesh Safari is light weight, comfortable and is very breathable with a mesh styles crown. The brim offers protection from the sun in a full 360 degrees. The adjustable wind cord features a toggle closure that can easily be converted to fit behind you head when needed. An interior hatband offers all-day comfort. And for us, the hat looks GREAT! Wife approved!

Let’s talk bugs. No Fly-Zone means just what Stetson set out to do in providing a hat that keeps the bugs away. We proved it to ourselves, it works!. NO-FLY ZONE™ insect repellent technology works as a contact insecticide effective against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies, and midges. What we did was quite simple, we looked for bugs and they found us without much trouble. Those who had no hat on or who wore a baseball cap found bugs all in their faces like normal. On the beach, at the river bank, and while hiking; everyone experienced the basic buggy feeling when not wearing a Stetson NO-FLY ZONE™ hat.

An added benefit. The Stetson No Fly-Zone Big Brim Mesh Safari has an added feature of sun guard protection UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) 50+.

Those who whore the Stetson No Fly-Zone Big Brim Mesh Safari had a different experience. A few gnats, black flies and mosquitoes would buzz over to them, but would never land and would leave as fast as they came. To tell you the truth it was quite interesting to see everyone else being bugged, while the NO-FLY ZONE™ was keep another person completely gnats, black flies and mosquitoes free.”

May-June Edition of ODU Mag